First feat of 2019: read 12 Agatha Christie novels and call it a challenge!

Hello, lovelies

It’s been a while since I posted something and I can say I’ve read quite a few in the past few months. What stood out however was the fact that in January I decided to take on the #readchristie2019,  convinced by Chiara and her animated Insta-stories that I can, too, read 12 Agatha Christie novels, one for every month. She also introduced me to @radicalging, where I first read about this challenge. Apparently, it was all started by  Agatha Christie LTD.

NB: I follow accounts in all three languages I know. Maybe that’s confusing to some, so just letting that out there. 

Imagine a postcard of Christie reading challenges structured like a bucket list, each bullet point corresponding to a month of the year. You are free to chose whatever and read whatever as long as what you choose fits the description and requirements of that month. I think it would also be interesting to see what other people make of every bullet point every month, because some of them are quite debatable, like “Your favorite Christie story” or “A seasonal story”.  If you want to chime in, here’s the list of reading challenges (taken from Radical Ging’s article)

acl_postcard_download_2019 embargoed-1

I have seen Christie inspired cartoons and an old Poirot movie or two, but I haven’t really read a Christie before. When “Crime on the Orient Express” was so hyped about my eyes bled, I found myself in a weird moment in my life where I had a lot of time and little focus to give to reading detective stories. Also, the hype (mostly) angers me after a while. I usually trust more the reviewers that also have a bad opinion or two of the books they read and that express those opinions honestly. I surely didn’t vibe with all the books I read over the years, but I am able to see some of their value, so I can recommend them to people who might enjoy them (i.e. friends and family members). I couldn’t believe back then that a movie can be such a masterpiece that no one has anything bad to say about it online. It’s impossible, someone must have a problem with something you create somewhere in this world wide web, otherwise it’s too much of a crowd pleaser, i.e. beige and boring.

Plus the trailer itself looked more like a blockbuster than a detective story, so there went my chance to go at it. Soon after, a girl I followed asked me if  I would have liked to join her Christie book-club. I was intimidated. Book nerds can be so awesome, but at the same time so full of literary bull crap. And while I don’t like to show up to a gunfight unarmed, why join a book club in which everyone bragged about how much lateral knowledge they had on an author (i.e. they read everything beforehand), only to feel bad about by my momentary lack of preparedness? Sometimes I don’t know if I can talk of a book like I feel about it, or if I should arm myself with all the fancy words that don’t mean much. I would chose neither if that would bring someone to judge a book unfairly.

At first, my intention was to write a larger review for every book I chose in every month.  However, I found myself devouring my choices. I would start reading them today and if the bus wasn’t crowded and I could sneak some reading at home, I would finish my read a day or two later. That for me is FAST. While my January choice may have stolen from me a work week worth of free time, I read the February choice in as little as two days. I could blab about each choice, but to render this beauties justice, I’d rather keep each part personal and interesting rather than long and dreadful to follow.

As you’ll see, my choices are a bit random. I just chose those that was intriguing and not overly famous, cause I hate making too cliche choices. That was Peril at End House in January, Sleeping Murder in February, and is going to be At Bertram’s Hotel in March. The March choice is a bit of a stretch; As I said, I haven’t read any Agatha Christie novel before and I might have read my favorite yet in February, so I must improvise. As for the rest, we’ll see as I go, as I intend to document every read and say a few words about my experience reading each. 

With that, I shall close my brief summary of what the Agatha Christie on my Instagram means. I hope you will have a wonderful day, night, week and I hope it is in the company of a good book,








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